Fiberglass Insulation is the most popular form of insulation in homes and JobPro is the perfect software solution to manage these jobs.  Many competitors in the software industry fall short when it comes to tracking the different types of payroll in this unique field.  JobPro specializes in the ability to pay employees many different ways.

Piece work is when a worker is paid a fixed rate for each unit performed, usually per square foot and is a very common practice with fiberglass insulation.  JobPro has worked with many insulation contractors to establish the proper practices when using this method of payment.  JobPro customers have the flexibility to pay hourly, piece work, and a combination of both in our software system.  Even managing overtime is a breeze in our payroll reports.

Flexibility can sometimes be a hard thing to find in a software system.  JobPro was not built for one specific company but has been influenced by hundreds of contractors to provide a full range of options to manage your business in the structured environment, the way you want to.