At JobPro, our customers do a wide range of installation type projects. One of those being fireplaces. Whether you want to track the labor in servicing an existing fireplace, or you need to track the materials used in installing a new one for a customer, you can use JobPro to simply do so. As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," and we understand that for some of your tricky installs, fireplaces usually aren't either. Many of our customers who cost out the project and then come back to complete a fireplace install find that JobPro's scheduling function is a lifesaver.

Our scheduling feature, which integrates with Google Maps, allows you to Dispatch additional materials, schedule multiple crews over a multiple day work-schedule, and get a quick overview of the project while you easily drag-and-drop schedule the job. And if you don't use all of the materials originally slotted for your fireplace job, processing the job will automatically create a PO for your team to pick up extra materials at the job site. Remember, scheduling is easy with JobPro.