Concrete lifting and repair

Technology is a pretty incredible thing, and thanks to improvements in concrete technology the impossible job or at the least an expensive fix is now quick, easy, and mostly painless. Much of the developed world is covered in concrete, and the sheer amount of concrete surfaces has given rise to an entire industry built around repairing existing concrete rather than removing and replacing a concrete structure. There are 4,360,000 cubic yards of concrete in the Hoover Dam. When a crack appears or a slab sinks, they don't scrap the whole project and remake it; they repair it.

Concrete Lifting and Repair is an industry that JobPro is happy to support with our software, and is an industry quickly growing across all areas we support. In fact, due to the similarity of the way jobs are costed, quantity is measured, and labor is billed, many of our customers are starting to provide concrete lifting and repairs as an add-on to their already thriving insulation business.

With JobPro, you've got the ability to track a full job lifecycle from the moment your salesman responds to a customer's request to the final invoice sent to that customer and anything in between. You've probably got equipment, crews, and items specifically dedicated to your concrete projects and JobPro allow pre-formatting of all these things to help your paper trail go off without a hitch. Request a demo today to see how we can help you manage your business better.