JobPro Technology: The Best In Spray Foam & Insulation Software (Part 1)

Though it will come as no surprise to anyone not living underneath a rock, Walmart is the largest retail corporation in the world.  In just the 2017 financial year alone, Walmart will net sales of approximately $481 billion, globally.  They boast just under 12,000 stores worldwide with over 787,000 employees.


And while Walmart's low prices are the subject of their marketing strategies, the real secret to their success is the convenience they supply to shoppers.

Need toiletry items?  Check.  The newest 2k or Madden video game?  Got it.  How about a full grocery store?  Done deal.  

Fabric for sewing?  Full mechanic shop for your vehicle(s)?  Gardening section?  Deli?  Clothes?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Walmart does it all.

Wouldn't it be nice if your software system did the same thing?

In part one of our five part series on "What Sets JobPro Apart From The Competition", we focus on JobPro's ability, like Walmart, to keep you in one, single environment for all job management needs.

No more going into several different softwares or spreadsheets; all of your company's information is in one place.  From the first lead to the last invoice, your organization stays in JobPro for all of their day-to-day needs.  

Many of our customers tell us that the single environment aspect is one of the biggest reasons they switch to JobPro.  An owner can view immediate reports for the daily grind ahead and then be able to quickly switch over to monthly or even yearly reports all with just the click of the mouse.  A salesman can easily input lead information into the system and with one click start building the proposal to send to that potential customer.  Your accounting department is able see the balance owed by a customer and then switch over to another customer to invoice in just seconds. Everything the owner and the employees of the company need to run a successful business!

Keep all of your company's information and data in one place and see how JobPro Technology is changing the spray foam and insulation industry!