Improve the Communication Between Installer & the Office with the Tech App!

Any professional in any industry will tell you that the key to success is the communication of information.  If the folks in the office are performing a task one way and the guys out in the field are performing the same task in a different manner, it can lead to a ton of confusion.  At that point, instead of generating revenue, your employees are figuring out what went wrong and how to correct the mistake.

Your business needs a way for your employees in the field to effectively communicate with your employees in the office.  A way for the guys in the field to quickly and accurately clock-in/clock-out of a job, note the actual amount of material installed, send recommendations back to the office that could result in additional revenue from your customer, upload documents and pictures, and have a place to add any extra expenses they might have incurred while in the field.

All of this and more is available with JobPro Technology's Technician App (Tech App)!  The Tech App shows the job(s) that is/are assigned to the installer for that day or that week (for extra preparation).  The installer takes the job offline (if there is no internet connection at the job site) and is able to enter in all the information he needs to get back to the office.  Once the installer has internet connection again, the Tech App will sync with the desktop version of JobPro (used by your office employees) and all of the information, documents, pictures, etc. will transfer from Tech App to the desktop version of JobPro.

With the Tech App there is no longer a need to decipher illegible handwriting, guessing when someone arrived and/or departed from the job site, or having to communicate via text or phone calls with the office.  All the information the installer needs to complete the job is at his fingertips.  

The Tech App can be used on any device regardless of whether the guys in the field use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

So what are you waiting for!?

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