Hold Your Customer Accountable With Your Company Proposal

I'm going to give you a situation and I want you to think if you have ever run into this issue with your business:

A customer calls and would like for your company to complete work at their property.  

"Of course!", you tell them.

You write up a quote and email it over to them.  They have quite a bit of work they need your company to take care of while you're at the job site, so you give them a better rate because this might be a repeat customer at the right price.  You think that you will be emailed the signed copy of the proposal by the end of the week and you can schedule your crew the following week.  No problem, right?

But then days start turning into weeks...and you haven't heard from your customer.  A couple phone calls, a few emails...still nothing.  You chalk it up to bad luck, perhaps, and forget about it; moving on with other customers and other concerns that come about when running a business.

And then, one day, this customer contacts you, again.  He has the proposal and he's ready to sign for the amount you quoted him.  But what he doesn't realize is your company has just bought a new work truck or brought on a new employee or an increase in your company taxes has taken place.  Whatever the reason, you simply cannot do the work for this customer at the same price you could have several weeks/months ago.

What do you do?

I think most business owners would take the loss and complete the work for the customer without making much, if any, net profit.  

Not what we want.

The real solution to this problem is not letting it happen in the first place.  By putting an expiration on the proposal, our fictional business owner would have been able to let the customer know that the quote was only good for a certain amount of time.  This would have saved the business owner in our hypothetical.  

Instead of just having an expiration date located on the contract, JobPro Technology has taken the next step.

For example, you have a proposal you send to your customer for an electronic signature.  In the email that is sent to your customer from JobPro, there is a greeting and a link to view the proposal.  A user in JobPro can dictate the number of days they would like for that proposal link to remain "open".  Once the expiration date and time occur, the customer will be unable to open the proposal link and will need to contact your company for a new quote.

This feature will not only eliminate the hypothetical above, but it will also speed-up your customer in accepting the quote because they realize they only have so much time to accept the GREAT deal in your proposal.

Don't leave your company open to our hypothetical situation which occurs far too often.  See how JobPro can help your company take the next step!