JobPro Technology: The Best in Spray Foam & Insulation Software - Instant Communication Between Office & Field (Part 3)

In life, it seems like everything happens all at once.  The old adtage of, "When it rains, it pours", too often feels too true.  We have all been guilty of needing to relay or ask for specific information and, for one reason or another, we don't.  So we're not perfect; sue us.  It's almost impossible to remember all of the information you need to communicate or receive on a daily basis.

So what about information needing to go from the office to the field or vice versa?  If your employees are waiting until everyone gets back to the office at the end of the day (or maybe this only occurs once a week), then there is going to be a lot of information that is forgotten throughout the day that will never be relayed to the correct folks.

In part three of our five part series, we dive further into communication between those employees in the office and those employees in the field.  Both have to work in complete cohesion with one another so the proper work is completed and the customer is satisfied.  A breakdown on either side creates a chain reaction of pandemonium within your company and unhappy customers outside of your company.  

Your business needs to communicate effectively and efficiently between those in the office and those in the field.  Has a customer called and rescheduled a job we had on the calendar today?  Did our team not use all of the material estimated for this job and need to report back so our job costing is accurate?  Will our team need to let a salesperson know that there is an opportunity for additional work at this job site?  These situations are just a snippet of day-to-day interaction between the office and the field that need to be communicated.

JobPro Technology not only has the number one spray foam and insulation software on the market for a desktop/laptop user, but we also have a forward-thinking application that has been designed by our team of developers specifically for our field users (ie. technicians, installers, etc.).

The Tech App, as we refer to it in-house, is your one-stop shop for all of your field users and it costs about half as much as a regular office user!  The Tech App first and foremost provides all of the information your installer could need at the job site.  The address, contact, priority, description of the work to be completed, and so much more appear as soon as an installer clicks into a job.  From there, the installer can view the material that has been estimated for this work and enter in the actual amount of material used.  This information will immediately sync with JobPro's servers and relay that same information back to the job for the office users.  The Tech App also includes a modern check-in/check-out feature so that installers no longer need to remember, "Now, when did we get here?" and "Didn't we leave there around four?  Or maybe it was closer to five?".  All of the time on the job is captured simply by the installer clicking when he arrives and clicking when he is leaving the job site.  

This type of communicate is becoming standard across the spray foam and insulation industry.  Instant communicate between the office and the field is part of how JobPro is taking good companies and making them great companies!