JobPro Technology: The Best in Spray Foam & Insulation Software - Bid & Job Profitability/Costing (Part 2)

Information is the key to success, anywhere and everywhere. Right information matters the most.
— Abhishek Ratna (Mensa International member)

We live in a world that is very different from what it was 20 years ago; heck, even five years ago.  The internet and the age of computers has vastly increased the efficiency in which work is completed and information is received. 

And because of this large increase in efficiency, and sadly to the dismay of the literary public, Ricky Bobby's famous, "If you're not first, you're last." quote is applicable.  If your company is not inputting and receiving information in the best, most efficient way, your company is running behind the competition.  Your business needs the most up-to-date information when running reports, making huge decisions regarding pricing, hiring a new employee, etc.

Not buying?  How about this? 

Think about information as it relates to $.  A lack of information can severely cripple what could have been a great business opportunity. 

Take a customer proposal as an example.  

Customer proposals have pricing for you customers, but does the proposal give your business any valuable information in return?  

In JobPro, a gross profit percentage of your item categories on a bid (ex. Open Cell Foam, Closed Cell Foam, Fiberglass, etc.) and how that influences your salesperson's commission are commonplace.  JobPro breaks out the "Profit Analysis" of the entire bid and shows the user costs for labor and material (gross profit) and then costs for overhead and commission (net profit).  So you know how much revenue and how much profit is being brought into the company on every single bid.

2018-01-05 16_36_31-Bid_ Donohoe _ 100 K St NE _ Washington DC r1.png

Proposals are a good place to start, but most of the square footage and pricing by square feet is a "best guess"; an estimate.  Your crew won't know until they are completed with the job exactly how much material was used.  While they record the number of strokes, inches or pounds used, JobPro is calculating the numbers for the actual material used to transform those numbers the installers gave you into monetary figures.

JobPro has an entire section on the job to show you exactly where you made money and exactly where you lost money.  You know what you pay for material and hourly wages, but can you account for each piece of material and time spent on the job?  Don't worry, most people can't on their own.  It can be extremely difficult, but with JobPro it's as easy as clicking a button.  

We compare the proposed amounts to the actual amounts to show you how close you were to the work you proposed to your customer, overall.  Dive deeper into the item categories section to specifically see the items that "made you" and the ones that "broke you".  Then, confirm at the bottom of the Profitability tab the individual and total labor amounts. 

2018-01-05 16_53_55-Job_ COMM BILLING_ TRIDENT CONSTRUCTION_MERRILL GARDENS - OCF 1.75 sets Nov 21.png

It's all right here, don't wait!

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