JobPro Technology: The Best in Spray Foam & Insulation Software (Overview)

Though our five-part series "JobPro Technology: The Best in Spray Foam & Insulation Software" has ended, we want to revisit those aspects of our software and business model that separate JobPro from the rest of the pack.

A Single Environment - No more going into different software or spreadsheets; all of your company's information is in one place.  From the first lead to the last invoice, your organization stays in JobPro for all of their day-to-day needs.  

Many of our customers tell us that the single environment aspect is one of the biggest reasons they switch to JobPro.  An owner can view immediate reports for the daily grind ahead and then be able to quickly switch over to monthly or even yearly reports all with just the click of the mouse.  A salesperson can easily input lead information into the system and with one click start building the proposal to send to that potential customer.  Your accounting department is able see the balance owed by a customer and then switch over to another customer to invoice in just seconds. Everything the owner and the employees of the company need to run a successful business!

Bid & Job Profitability/Costing - Take a customer proposal as an example.  Customer proposals have pricing for you customers, but does the proposal give your business any valuable information in return?  

In JobPro, a gross profit percentage of your item categories on a bid (ex. Open Cell Foam, Closed Cell Foam, Fiberglass, etc.) and how that influences your salesperson's commission are commonplace.  JobPro breaks out the "Profit Analysis" of the entire bid and shows the user costs for labor and material (gross profit) and then costs for overhead and commission (net profit).  So you know how much revenue and how much profit is being brought into the company on every single bid.

Likewise, JobPro has an entire section on the job to show you exactly where you made money and exactly where you lost money.  You know what you pay for material and hourly wages, but can you account for each piece of material and time spent on the job?  Don't worry, most people can't on their own.  It can be extremely complicated, but with JobPro it's as easy as clicking a button.  

We compare the proposed amounts to the actual amounts to show you how close you were to the work you proposed to your customer, overall.  Dive deeper into the item categories section to specifically see the items that "made you" and the ones that "broke you".  Then, confirm at the bottom of the Profitability tab the individual and total labor amounts. 

Instant Communication Between Office & Field - Your business needs to communicate effectively and efficiently between those in the office and those in the field.  Has a customer called and rescheduled a job we had on the calendar today?  Did your team not use all of the material estimated for this job and need to report back so our job costing is accurate?  Will your team need to let a salesperson know that there is an opportunity for additional work at this job site?  These situations are just a snippet of day-to-day interactions between the office and the field that need to be communicated.

JobPro Technology not only has the number one spray foam and insulation software on the market for a desktop/laptop user, but we also have a forward-thinking application that has been designed by our team of developers specifically for our field users (ie. technicians, installers, etc.).

The Tech App, as we refer to it in-house, is your one-stop shop for all of your field users and it costs about half as much as a regular office user!  The Tech App first and foremost provides all of the information your installer could need at the job site.  The address, contact, priority, description of the work to be completed, and so much more appear as soon as an installer clicks into a job.  From there, the installer can view the material that has been estimated for this work and enter in the actual amount of material used.  This information will immediately sync with JobPro's servers and relay that same information back to the job for the office users.  The Tech App also includes a modern check-in/check-out feature so that installers no longer need to remember, "Now, when did we get here?" and "Didn't we leave there around four?  Or maybe it was closer to five?".  All of the time on the job is captured simply by the installer clicking when he arrives and clicking when he is leaving the job site.  This type of communicate is becoming standard across the spray foam and insulation industry.

Consistent Enhancements/Updates - JobPro is proud to have a team of developers constantly working to provide our customers the most efficient software known to the spray foam and insulation industry.  But our developers are not writing new code to go into a yearly "release" that would have a cost to customers on an annual basis; instead, our developers are consistently looking for new and impressive ways to update the system.  The best part?  Releases with these new and impressive ideas occur every single no additional cost to the user!  Your monthly subscription covers any and all new enhancements put into JobPro by our team.

"Configurability" Built by Customers for CustomersNo two businesses are completely alike in their operations.  At JobPro Technology, we understand this business fact and instead of thinking we have all the answers, we take feedback and advice from our customers very seriously when determining new enhancements and updates that our developers put into the system.

Our way of thinking always puts the customer first.  Our customers are the ones in the field and in the (spray foam and insulation) "trenches" on a daily basis.  At times, they know what they need to be a more successful business even better than we do.  

Completing a big job soon?  Let us know!  Not sure how to enter in uncommon information for your business into the system?  We want to help you input and use that information in JobPro so that it can turn the biggest profit for your company.  Have suggestions on how the system could work more efficiently?  We want to hear them because we understand there is not always just one answer for every issue.


Think that your business could use JobPro Technology?  Let us go further in-depth with your company through a demo of our software.  Demos are free and require no obligation beyond giving us an opportunity to show you how JobPro can revolutionize your organization because we are convinced that once you see JobPro in action, you'll quickly understand how our software is changing the industry.  Click on the "Request Demo" button in the top, right-hand corner of any page of our website to start learning more about what JobPro can do for you.