Accelerate Your Customer Proposal Approval Process With JobPro Technology's E-Sign Feature

How much more efficient, productive, and profitable would your business be if you could instantly receive an approved proposal from your customer? πŸ€”

We hear from a lot of our customers that they will typically email (or in some cases, still use "snail mail" 🀒) their customers and wait for the customers to print the proposal, sign it, scan the proposal back to their computer, then email it back to the salesperson.  Simple steps, but the time the customer takes to physically approve the proposal can make or break your sale.

I'll give you an example to illustrate.  I went to buy a new car a few weeks ago πŸš—.  Not a NEW car, but an upgrade from what I have now.  I saw some great deals and was very excited about a couple of the cars that I test-drove with the salesperson.  He was polite, professional, and genuinely made me feel that he wanted to put me in a vehicle that would best suit my automobile-needs.  He said he would email me some of the paperwork for me to sign and did so later on that evening.  I had every intention of signing the paperwork once I received it, but things happened: appointments came up, errands needed to be run, and emergencies happened.  After a few days, the nostalgia of the new car had worn off and the real-life costs and fees that I would need to pay seemed more and more daunting.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the car I had right now was working for me and would continue to work for a few more years.  As a potential customer of that dealership, my decision had little effect on me.  On the flip-side, my decision had a bigger impact on the dealership because this salesperson had taken his time to sell me on their inventory and then had to wait for three or four days before I told him I was no longer interested.

How does this relate to spray foam and full-service insulation contractors?  Take out the details of the illustration and just focus on a salesperson trying to close a sale with a customer.  Time for the salesperson and the company was spent on the sale that never happened.  This happens far too often in every line of salesmanship, but a marketing/sales expert once imparted to me that the quicker you can get a signature, the better off you will be.  The more time you give a customer to talk himself/herself out of spending money with your company, the more likely that is the action they will take.  A salesperson must take advantage of the emotions that follow when selling your product to the customer.  

Your business needs a way to put that proposal in front of the customer and the only action you need the customer to take is to approve your proposal.  Expecting your customer to print out the proposal, sign it, upload back to computer, then email it to you is providing your customer too many options to take no action at all which kills the sale.  Remember, it's always easier to do nothing. πŸ˜Ÿ

JobPro Technology provides this exact feature to our users πŸ˜„.  JobPro has made it the approval process for your customer as easy as it has ever been.  Your salesperson creates the quote and sends to the customer.  The customer receives a professional email with a link to their quote and a quick way to approve all from one device without ever having to print, scan, etc.  All of this information comes back to JobPro and the salesperson without any additional action taken by the customer.

While we give the customer a quick and easy way to approve the proposal, we also provide an in-depth look for the salesperson.  JobPro will notify the salesperson when the customer first opens the proposal email and once it is accepted.  This gives your salesperson the visibility to confirm that a proposal has been opened by the customer and an instant alert once it is accepted so your team can follow-up for scheduling.  

What if you need to also collect a deposit or up-front payment? πŸ’΅

JobPro has a partnership integration with Electronic Transaction Systems (ETS) so we have you covered there, too.  You can send your proposal to your customer with all of the aforementioned visibility while also giving your customer a way to pay the initial costs.  You tell JobPro the percentage of the proposal or the specific amount you need to collect from your customer and once the customer opens the proposal, they have a fast and concise way to send you payment.  Please let our team know if you would like to learn more about ETS for quicker payments for approved proposals.

We have heard from our users that JobPro's E-sign (electronic signature) feature has improved their close rate exponentially.   Many times, the Sales Team's time from "proposal sent" to "proposal accepted" was cut in half and the amount of accepted proposals only went up.  But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying:

"The JobPro E-sign feature has been a great asset to our company.  Our business sells jobs as far as two hours away, so we often leave a proposal with a customer when they are not ready to sign that day.  E-sign helps us once they say they are ready.  We send the proposal out electronically and the customer gives us their approval.  Customers can put down a deposit or pay up-front for the proposed work either by credit card or ACH payment (e-check).  Normally, we would have to wait for the approval in the mail (which may or may not come) or we would need to drive back out to the customer's location and get them to sign.  With JobPro's E-sign feature, our salespeople spend more time selling and we get the paperwork we need approved faster.  Faster approvals mean we can schedule the customer sooner and invoice the customer quicker."

Think of it this way: Is your customer more inclined to approve a proposal that makes them work to get the acceptance back to you or are they more inclined to approve a proposal when there is very little work for them to do on their end?  

Let JobPro show you how E-sign can revolutionize your spray foam and full-service insulation contracting business along with all of our other amazing features by signing up for a FREE, no obligations demo with our team.  Click the Request Demo button in the top, right-hand corner of any page on our website and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you. πŸ˜Ž