Extend March Madness Philosophy To Your Spray Foam & Full-Service Insulation Business

Every year the college basketball tournament seems to get crazier and less predictable.  We watch teams like Villanova, UNC, Duke, Michigan State, UCLA, and Arizona throughout the year and marvel at their young (soon-to-be) NBA talent.  Pair the natural talent of the freshmen coming into these programs with a brilliant coaching mind already established at the university and you've got a program that is ready to compete for a National Championship.  🏆

But a huge growth in parity over the last 10 - 20 years has seen huge upsets by lesser-known schools take place when it's tournament-time.  Teams like George Mason (2006), Florida Gulf Coast (2013), and (this year's) Loyola-Chicago prove that an underrated team can make it far in March Madness.  It's part of what we love about college basketball; every team has a shot!

Or so we think.  🤔

Here's a list of teams that have won the College Basketball National Championship the last 20 seasons (teams that have won more than once will have parenthesis for total championships during this time): Connecticut (4), Michigan State (2000), Duke (3), Maryland (2002), Syracuse (2003), North Carolina (3), Florida (2), Kansas (2008), Kentucky (2012), Louisville (2013), and Villanova (2016 *either 'Nova or Michigan will take home 2018 trophy tonight).

Any of those teams feel like "Cinderella" teams to you?  🧐

The truth of college basketball is that a "blue-blood", or a team that with the better coaches, players, and traditions, will "win it all" at the end of season.  Television networks may try to sell you otherwise to make you believe your alma-mater has a shot, but we know better than that.  The same teams are always in the hunt for the National Championship because they are simply the best.  🏀

Your spray foam and/or full-service insulation business is exactly the same.  There might be people that tell your company you can make it big by using spreadsheets, whiteboards, and hand-written notes.  But that's the same as thinking as saying a mid-major school will compete year after year for the championship.  You might luck out and make it one year, but what we want is sustained success; we want to go to the tournament and be competitive every single year.

To be the best in your industry, you have to use the best "player" in your industry.  JobPro Technology has been the job management solution for spray foam and full-service insulation companies for over 10 years.  We have clients from Nova Scotia to Honolulu and from San Antonio to New York; we're everywhere!  Our state-of-the-art web-based software system has been changing the industry and turning mid-major companies into blue-blood businesses since our tip-off.

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