April 2018

Item Configuration By Bid Type

The Item page is being enhanced with a new tab to support item pricing based on office, bid type/category, etc.  The Item page will be able to support overrides for selling price, material cost, and labor cost.  Each Bid Type has the ability for a user to choose specific pricing or users can continue to use the default item prices/costs.

A new Bid Type configuration will also be added to System Configuration.  From here, users will be able to choose whether a Bid Type is taxable/nontaxable across all items for a bid and set a specific target margin that automatically calculates the price on bids to match.  The Bid Type configuration will also allow for the changing of sales units with options for "Estimating Unit", "Inventory Unit", or "Installed Unit".  The changing of sales units is helpful if you estimate in square feet, but you have an over-the-counter sale that would require you to see to the customer in bags (Bid Type might be Material Sale, or something similar). 

Lastly, the Customer page is being included in this enhancement to give users the ability to set a taxable/nontaxable override and set a target margin override per customer.

Bid Type Override to Labor Estimating Method

Users now have the ability to change the labor estimating method per bid type/category.  Labor will now be eligible to estimate by quantity, time, or by the value set on the Item page based on the bid type. 

WIP Report by Item and Actuals

The WIP Report (located under Reports > Summary Reports > WIP Report) will have two new filter options for users: a Group By option and a WIP Method option. 

The Group By option will allow the user to group the report either by job (how the WIP report currently operates) or by the item.  The item grouping will provide the ability to expand the item to see the amounts per job.

The WIP Method option will include selections for Estimated/Ordered and Actual Costs. Estimated/Ordered is the current method, looking first at the quantity received if POs are used and then to the quantity estimated. Actual Costs will instead look at the actuals entered on the job. This will allow the user to see installed material that has not been invoiced.

Error Loading and Deleting PDF Resource Documents

Issue: Error Loading and Deleting PDF Resource Documents

Resolution: JobPro has been updated to ensure there is not an issue uploading and/or deleting documents on the Resource page.