August 2018

Add Office Filter To Labor Report

The labor report has been enhanced to allow users to filter by Office.

Mobile Proposal

On the Mobile version of the Customer Proposal when sent via eSign, we have moved the link to view the Proposal to above the Signature Line.  This update is to make finding and viewing the proposal document easier when it has been opened by your customer on a mobile device.

Require Job Type Throughout JobPro

We have created an organizational wide setting which allows a specific organization to make the Job Type a required field on every Job.  Many JobPro customers rely on the job type field for accurate reporting which is why the optional feature to require a job type on every job is being made.  If you would like this feature turned on for your business, please contact JobPro support.


JobPro currently supports a single commission plan for an organization, whether that be a flat commission rate of revenue by salesperson or a tiered commission on the gross profit.  JobPro will be enhanced to support new commission plans which can be set up by an administer for each branch/office and can then be assigned to specific employees.  This will allow commission plans to be created by branch as well as salesperson.  This flexibility will allow for a commission plan for the branch, any category of salesperson or individual sales people.  On the employee page, administrators can assign the appropriate commission plan to the employee.

Commission plans will allow for a commission rate to be set as a default across all items or set at the item category level.  Commissions can be calculated on revenue or gross profit.  Tiers can be set up for gross profit percentages or revenue amounts that will change the commission rates.  Effective dates will be added to the commission plans.  This will allow the user to set up commissions to be effective on a determined date automatically and cancel previous commission schedules.  Finally, commission schedules can be stacked on top of each other.  This will allow companies to promote an item category for a period of time using the effective dates of the commission plan with no need to update the base commission plans.

Require Salesperson When Adding Customer

JobPro has added the ability to require a Salesperson selection while adding a Customer from the Add Customer, Add Bid, Add Job, and Quick Job Entry pages.  This can be controlled by navigating to the resources’ page in the system and clicking the Field Security tab.  On this tab, an admin can control which fields are required when adding a customer as well as required fields when adding a datasheet.

Error Message when saving hours or rate type

In the past, there was an error message that displayed when clicking the save button on the add time section on the job page.  This was a false error in that the data would save on the page when the button was clicked but JobPro has resolved the issue of this message displaying.