March 2017

create template from bid

JobPro is introducing a new way to create a template for a bid.  Instead of having to build a template each time a user wanted to create one, now the system allows for the creation of a template to come directly from the bid you just put together.  This can be accomplished by clicking the Create Template button now located on the Bid Information tab.  Selecting the button will take the user immediately to the template page where the template can be re-named and saved for later use.


aging report updates

The Aging Report has been updated to give users two different ways to view the report outside of the system. 

The Excel spreadsheet option has been enhanced to include a sheet that provides the data per customer for all offices.  To the right of this sheet, is a sheet that includes the transactions for all offices.  From there, the Excel spreadsheet provides a customer list and a transaction list by each customer for each office.

JobPro has also brought back the option to export the report into a PDF.  The PDF will first have a list of all customers with their respective date.  The PDF will also include a list of all transactions that are organized by customer.


new permission to unlock processing

A new permission is being added to the system which will allow only permissioned-users to unlock the processing on a job once the processing has been completed.  We will leave the permission “ON” for all customers (to continue normal workflow) except for those that contact our Support Team to have the permission turned “OFF” for selected users within their organization.


remove "create job" button from change orders

Up until this release, when a user created a Change Order, the system still presented the Create Job button on the Bid Information tab.  Some users were accidentally clicking the Create Job button instead of the Finalize Change Order button that is at the top of the Bid Worksheet tab.  Clicking the Create Job button would create a new work order for the job and not add the amount of the Change Order to the job. JobPro is removing the Create Job button from Change Orders.


finalize change order update

Before the upcoming March release, if a user clicked the Finalize Change Order button more than once before the CO had completed its process, the system would add all the items from the Change Order as many times as the button had been clicked.  Since this has been brought to our attention, we have stopped the system from finalizing the Change Order more than once.  Once the Finalize Change Order button has been selected, the system will only take that finalize command once and will not allow a user to select the button again.


default po number on invoice

If a job has a specific Purchase Order number, there is a place on the Job Information tab to notate this number.  This PO number would then re-populate on the invoice for the job for consistency and to avoid double-entry.  We have found that if a PO number did not exist, the system was pulling the customer’s account number to populate that field.  Our developer has re-written the code in the system to only pull the PO number for the job.


delete change order

To maintain data integrity, JobPro no longer allows users to delete change orders from the system that have been finalized.  Once a change order has been finalized and the items from the bid worksheet have been added to the job, the change order cannot be deleted.