July 2018

Added Ability to Configure Information Shown in the Scheduler

We have added the ability for a user to configure specifically what fields show on the Scheduler. This will be made possible through a “Customize” button that displays the list of all available Scheduler fields grouped by toggle format (Detail, Financial, Material).  This button is represented by a gear icon.

The information toggles will still be available to quickly switch on or off groups of information. The field configuration will be saved in the user’s browser similarly to how the selected toggles and filters are saved.

Added Ability to Adjust Bid and Bid Group/Option by Net Profit Percentage

The Bid Worksheet Adjust Bid and Adjust Group/Option features will be upgraded with the ability to adjust based on net profit percentage. The Bid/Group/Option price will be updated to reflect the new net profit percentage by overriding the total price on the individual line items in the same way that the adjustment currently works. Costs will not be adjusted as they are assumed to be fixed.

Add a Total Line on the Projected Job Profit Report

On the Projected Job Profit Report, a Totals line has been added for easy reference on this report.

Remove the Requirement for Crews on Foam Items on the Job Processing Tab

The Job Processing tab and corresponding Profitability tab has been updated to no longer require a crew to be added with foam items to calculate the actual material cost.  A crew will be needed for piece rate pay calculations and material usage reports by crew and resource.

New Bid Worksheet Will Automatically Add Item Directly to Base Bid if No Groups Exist

The New Bid Worksheet will automatically add items directly to the base Bid if no Groups or Options exist. This skips the prompt to select where a specific item should go if there are currently no options or groups on the Bid to select.

Add Unit Price to New Bid Worksheet Collapsed Line Items

The unit price will be editable on the item record when the item is collapsed.  Currently, the user will need to expand the item to edit the item’s unit price.

Add a Material Inventory Quantity Total Panel to the New Bid Worksheet

An Inventory Quantity section has been added below the Profit Analysis section on the new bids worksheet.  The Inventory Quantity section will display the total material amounts of items as they would report on the work order so the salesperson can see how much material is estimated.

Add Office Summary Cover Page to Invoice Summary PDF Export

An Office Summary Cover Page will be added to the Invoice Summary PDF Export that displays invoice totals grouped by office.  This report can be found in the Summary Reports Section in the Invoice Summary Report.