May 2018

Batch Customer Statement Printing/Emailing

JobPro is being enhanced to support batch customer statement printing and emailing directly from the Customer Search page.  Customers that appear in the results section of the Customer Search page will have the option to be selected to add to a queue on the right-hand side of the page.  Above the queue, a “Customer Statement” button will be added that will open a modal listing the selected customers. 

There will be a “Print All” button and an “Email All” button available inside the modal.  The “Print All” button will generate a PDF of all customer statements and the system will deliver this PDF to the users via email.  The “Email All” button will email the customer statement to each customer in one click.  When using the “Email All” function, the customer’s company email address will default in, but this email address can be edited by the user before the customer statement is emailed to the customer.  If any email addresses are missing, the system will alert the user.

salesperson filter added to quick job entry

A new dropdown menu has been added to Quick Job Entry to allow the user to choose a Salesperson for the bid/job.


new office filter on customer search page

The Customer Search page has been updated to include Office as a filter when searching for a customer.  The customer’s office is also being added to the results that populate from the Customer Search.


change payment check # and check date fields to transaction # and transaction date

Some of the verbiage for payments has been updated in this release.  Now, instead of “Payment Check #”, this section will read, “Trasaction #”.  Also, instead of “Check Date”, this section will read, “Transaction Date”. 

new ability to edit estimated quantity and price on job items

Prior to this release, users wanting to make changes to the scope of work or the pricing after a job was created were forced to go through the Change Order process.  While JobPro still recommends going through the Change Order process for making changes to a job, we understand that the enforced control can be burdensome for some organizations.  For this reason, JobPro is implementing a job editing capability that will allow users, with a specific permission turned ON, to edit the scope and price of the job without having to go through the Change Order process.

new copy button on address tab

A new button is being introduced on the Address tab that will copy the customer’s billing address from the customer record as the address for the Address tab.  This button will be present on the Address tab for Data Sheets, Bids, and Jobs.

jobpro to remember job header preference

New code is being pushed into the system for JobPro to remember a user’s preference on whether the header on each job will come in expanded or collapsed.  The job header we are referring to is the section that hovers above the job outlines the salesperson, billable amount, invoice amount, bid type, invoice status, etc.  The default for the job header will remain for it be expanded when a user navigates to a job, but if a user collapses the header on one job, the system will remember to collapse the header on all other jobs moving forward for that user on that device.

new alert: invoice opened

JobPro is being enhanced to support emailing invoices as a clickable link.  With this enhancement, users can setup an alert to notify certain users when the link is opened.  Users will still be able to include the invoice as an attachment, but JobPro will not have an alert available for when an invoice is included as an attachment because it is not possible for JobPro to track if an attachment is opened.

new alternate items used for load consolidation report

The Load Report on the Scheduler/Dispatcher is being enhanced to account for alternate items.  Alternate items are items that represent a different unit of measurement for an already existing item. 

For example, the base item for Fiberglass is bags, but the alternate item might be Packs.  The user will be able to create alternate items with a configured conversion factor from the base item (ie. X number of Bags = X number of Packs).

When viewing the Load Report, the user will have the option to consolidate items into the larger alternate items (*where applicable).

customer category added as filter for a/r aging, invoice summary, and payment summary reports

The A/R Aging report, the Invoice Summary report, and the Payment Summary report are being enhanced to include a new single-select filter for Customer Category.  Now, Customer Category will be a new filter option for these three reports.  To access these reports, please navigate to Reports > Summary Reports.

new alert: purchase order created

A new alert option is being added to JobPro that will alert a user by email once a purchase order is created in the system.