November 2017

invoice summary report limit salesperson access

The Invoice Summary report is being updated to limit salesperson access on a permission basis.  If your organization is already limiting your salespeople to only access their own jobs, bids, etc. and no other salespeople’s information, then this permission is already turned “ON” for you to limit the salesperson on the Invoice Summary report.

add new format to "add new customer" page

The page to add a new customer has been updated to JobPro’s new format to make entering and reading information, easier (screen shot below).  A new field for an assigned salesperson for that customer has also been added.  This new field for an assigned salesperson is not required.

added filters & results on purchase order search

The Purchase Order search screen will have added features after this month’s enhancements making it easier to locate purchase orders in the system.  On “search” portion of the Purchase Order search screen, a user may now search based on a purchase order’s date using the date range filter.  On the “results” portion of the Purchase Order search screen, the purchase order date and the vendor bill number associated to the purchase order will display underneath their own appropriate columns.

new look for reports history tab on bid

A complete re-design of the Reports History tab on the Bid has taken place to increase readability of information being presented to user.  This new design will make it much easier for a user to distinguish which proposals have been sent to a customer.  If a proposal has been sent to multiple customers, the user will quickly be able to see which customers have viewed and approved the proposal.

scheduler crew & equipment display order

The order of equipment on the Scheduler has been updated to order by the equipment’s display order.  The display order of the equipment can be viewed and updated by searching for the appropriate piece of equipment and clicking into the equipment record.  Standard Crews that have already been set up in JobPro will remain at the top of screen on the Scheduler.

add phone number to customer search on add data sheet

When adding a customer to a new bid or a new data sheet, a user is now able to search for a customer based on the customer’s phone number.  If you cannot remember the customer you entered, but you can remember their phone number, start typing the phone number into the customer field type-ahead and that customer’s information will populate for you to choose for that bid or data sheet.

make credit card information generic on email prompt

When emailing a proposal from the Reports History tab of the Bid, there is a section that asks the user if they would like to “Require [a] Credit Card Payment”.  This verbiage has been updated to ask if the user would like to “Require [a] Deposit Payment” since we support credit card and eCheck deposit payments.  You must be integrated with ETS (Electronic Transaction Systems) to utilize this feature.

configure standard crews interface improvements

Issue: Standard Crews page is difficult to navigate and not easy to read/understand

Update: The display on the Standard Crews page has been enhanced to be more horizontal than vertical to assist in readability and the ability to navigate between crews.

scheduler doesn't maintain duration moving event

Issue: The New Scheduler/Dispatcher Doesn’t Maintain Job Duration When Moving or Rescheduling

Update: The new Scheduler/Dispatcher will specifically be looking at the time duration of a job so that if a job is moved or rescheduled, the new Scheduler/Dispatcher will account for the same time duration to be had for the job with the new dates.

rounding issue on add payment screen on customer page

Issue: Rounding Issue on Add Payment Screen on Customer Page

Update: The Add Payment Screen on Customer Page will no longer see rounding issues.  Instead, all amounts will be rounded off to two decimal places.

tech app pdf document zoom and print

Issue: Images/Documents on Tech App appear “grainy” and difficult to see

Update: A zoom functionality is being added to the Tech App for PDFs for better visibility.  This should solve issues revolving around “grainy” documents and images.