October 2017

standardize state selection as drop-down list

Up until this release, sections of JobPro that asked for a state to be noted were free form text.  In an order to standardize the state format, Jobpro is changing these sections to be a drop-down list to be chosen by a user.  The list will also include Canadian Provinces and Caribbean Islands if your company does work there.

bid required fields

In the past, required bid fields on the Bid Information tab would stop a user from proceeding to the Bid Worksheet if there was not a value selected for those required fields.  JobPro is updating this process to have the required fields stop a user from proceeding if those required fields are not filed out once a user tries to create a proposal, create a job, or finalize a change order.

This was done to allow users a quicker way to build a bid in situations where a user may not have all the specifics for a bid, but wants to get a certain price to a customer quickly.

remove old "work-in-progress" reports

During JobPro’s July 2017 Release, we added a new WIP Report.  Because of this addition, JobPro is removing the old “Work-In-Progress” reports from our system.  The old Work-In-Progress reports could be found in Summary Reports (Reports > Summary Reports) and on the Dashboard with the “Work-In-Progress – Job Items vs. Invoiced Items” widget.  The new WIP report will remain as a Dashboard widget and under Summary Reports.

new alert when non-esign email is opened

A new alert is being added to JobPro.  A selection is available to have the system react once a non-eSign proposal is opened by the email recipient.  The reaction choices by the system are as follows: Lock Bid Worksheet, Send an Email to Salesperson and/or admin, and/or Update the bid status.

correcting invalid email on invoice

Issue:  If a user tried to correct an invalid email address when sending an invoice, the contact information (email recipient’s name) was splitting out as a separate email address.  This made it difficult to quickly make corrections and send proposal.

Update: If a correction is attempted by the user to the email address, the display name of the email recipient will disappear while the user makes corrections to the email address.

emailing invoice

Issue:  Users were having issues removing the bcc email address that auto-populates when emailing an invoice.

Update: Users should now be able to quickly and easily remove any email addresses from the “Email Invoice” screen.

provide better error feedback on invalid email addresses

Issue:  Generic error messages were being displayed when one or more of the email recipient’s email addresses were invalid because of format or because the email address was inactive.

Update: More specific error messages will display to inform the user of a more specific reason for the email not going through.  These error messages will specifically display to the user if the format of the email address is incorrect or the email address has been flagged as an inactive email address.

order of jobs on tech app

Issue:  The order of jobs on the Tech App were not being influenced by the time set on the calendar event for the job.

Update: Jobs will be ordered on the Tech App in relation to the time put on those jobs.  If a job does not have a specific time associated, it will show at the bottom of all other jobs for that day with a specific time associated.